About Lemon Copy

Nicholas King - CopywriterHey there! I’m Nicholas King (you can call me Nick). Lemon Copy is my copywriting business.

I write copy for all types of organisations.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an established business, a busy startup, a charity or non-profit, a government department, or something else. I can write for you.

Size doesn’t matter either. Whether you run a corner store or an international corporation (or both!), I know how to get your words working.

It’s about communicating persuasively.

All organisations have the same basic goal in mind when it comes to copy: they need to get their message across in a manner that persuades their audience to take beneficial action.

For me that means understanding two key things: 1) the organisation I am writing for, and 2) that organisation’s audience. I take the time to comprehend both in depth, meaning I always have a clear sense of what your copy needs to achieve.

And it’s all about you.

My number one focus is always on you, the client. As I said, I am passionately committed to understanding your business, and the needs of your audience, well before the first word hits the page.

And then, when it’s time to write the copy, I treat your business as if it’s my own, writing as if your success is my success (which in fact it is – when you succeed, we both benefit).

Also, I write everything myself.

I don’t outsource my writing. You’ll receive work that is 100% my own.

I may however use an external proofreader, depending on the job. You won’t pay anything extra for that.

A Little About Nick

Nicholas King - CopywriterI’m a former freelance designer who realised that he enjoyed copywriting much more than design.

I spent about 8 years doing freelance design work, making websites, brochures, posters, flyers, business cards, book covers, a CD album, you name it, I probably designed it. During that time I wrote quite a lot of copy – for free, mostly (it was all just “part of the service”). However, I found that when it came to writing the copy, I had more fun at that phase of the project than for the rest of it. I was perhaps more skilled at it too.

I was also (and still am) a passionate creative writer. I realised that writing was my truer interest, and I decided to apply this passion to my full time work.

I had also spent years informally studying everything I could get my hands on about entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, copywriting, internet marketing, search engine optimisation, and business development. (My father’s business partner had a veritable library of business books – I devoured just about all of them over several years.) I further realised I had all those skills sitting there, just waiting to be employed.

Thus Lemon Copy was born! (Tan-ta-raaaa!)

I now spend my working life crafting carefully targeted business messages and navigating the complexities of the human psyche so that my clients can sell stuff. Good fun. 🙂

Ready to do some business?

Contact me for a tailored quote, or maybe just for a chat! I will be happy to discuss your needs in detail.