My Guarantees

I guarantee my work. And when I say guarantee, I mean guarantee, i.e. I will take responsibility if my promises aren’t fulfilled.

This is what I promise:

» Guarantee 1: Always On Time. My final draft copy will be delivered on time, according to your final deadline (previously agreed in writing), otherwise I will deduct a full 20% from my total fee.*

Your deadlines are critical to your success. That is why I will always meet them.

» Guarantee 2: Zero Spelling, Grammar, or Punctuation Errors in Final Draft. If you find a (non-deliberate) error in the final draft of my copy deliverables, I will give you a discount of 2% per error on the total fee, up to a maximum of 30% discount for this guarantee.*

Details matter. Little typos can detract from your professionalism. That is why I promise there won’t be any.

Does that sound good?

I sure hope so! Contact me for a quote.

*Please read my full terms of service (provided in my quote email) for the complete conditions of these guarantees.