What Does It Cost?

I typically provide fixed price copywriting quotes. That means you’ll always know what your job will cost right from the get-go.

I also require an advance payment, which is 50% of the total job cost. You won’t have to pay this until you’ve decided to hire me, but it will need to be paid before I can get to work. Read more about my process to understand how this fits into the picture.

(If your copywriting job is quite large or ongoing, then we can talk about milestone payments instead, but regular stand-alone jobs always require this payment in advance.)

How do you calculate your fees?

Once we have a thorough discussion on the nature of your business and what your job will require, I then work out how many hours I believe your job will take me, and multiply that by my hourly rate. That becomes my quote.

Do you ever work just on an hourly rate?

Generally speaking, no. However, if your job goes beyond its original scope (it happens sometimes), then I may need to finalise payment from you for the initial scope and work on an hourly rate thereafter.

If it comes to that, we’ll talk about it, otherwise don’t worry. Your quote is what you’ll pay, and that’s all.

If you want to know my hourly rate, it’s no problem, just ask.

Are you cheap?

Not really. My rates are around the upper-middle level for copywriting in Australia. I’m definitely not the most expensive, but I’m not cheap either. Let’s just say I’m an affordable option for high quality work.

Ready for a quote?

Contact me to find out exactly what your job will cost. I’m affordable, reliable, and quick.