What’s the Process?

Getting some copy written is pretty simple. Here’s how it goes, in 6 basic steps:


Step 1: You contact me. First you tell me what you need, and what kind of job it is. Website copy? Print brochure? Television commercial? Just give me the basic details and I’ll take it from there.

Hint: If you just need a ballpark estimate on price at this point, I can usually give you one pretty quickly. However, this is not my proper formal quote, and may need to be updated before I can commit to it.

Step 2: I get in touch to ask you some quick questions about your business. We can do this by email or over the phone. I usually need some more info on what it will take to complete your copywriting job before I can quote. Every job is different though, so please be patient.

Step 3: I send you a full quote, including scope of works, expected time frame, and my conditions of service. I typically provide fixed quotes for all my copywriting jobs. (There are exceptions to this, like if a job suddenly changes beyond its original scope I may need to work on an hourly rate for a while, but basically a fixed quote is what I offer.)

If you accept my quote, and my conditions of service:


Step 4: I invoice you for, and you pay, my advance fee of 50% up front. This is just one of those freelancing things. It ensures I get to keep eating while writing for you. Hooray! (Note: If the job is sufficiently large or complex then I am happy to discuss a different milestone schedule. However, this is my standard advance fee.)

Step 5: I complete any necessary research, and then write and supply you with your copy draft via your preferred method (generally Google Docs). You will have the opportunity to review my copy and provide feedback. I include up to 2 revisions in each fixed quote (most people only need one or none).


Step 6: I revise your copy (where necessary) and provide you the final draft (and my invoice for the remaining fee). You take the copy and put it on your website, your brochure, your advertisement, or wherever it goes. All happy and dandy!

Ready to get started?

Get a quote. Or call me. Or text. Or email. Or whatever. I’m waiting!