Why Hire a Copywriter?

Professional copywriters like myself live and breathe effective communication – one of the most important keys to your business success. It underpins your business message, your marketing, your sales process, and everything that actually leads to converting buyers and making money.

Hiring a professional copywriter, the right copywriter, is an investment that pays for itself many times over. Even more than that, hiring a professional copywriter to craft your business message can often be the crucial difference between your success and failure.

Think of it like this: To persuade buyers, you need a powerful message. To craft that message, you need someone who can take your raw ideas, format them into a meaningful structure that strategically addresses the psychological decision-making process that all buyers experience, and then distil that structure into incisive, easy-to-read words.

Do you feel confident doing that yourself? If so, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this.

Good copywriters are simultaneously strategic, analytical and creative individuals who understand how buyers think, how to address their needs, and how to open the series of psychological gates that stand in the way of someone making a purchase. That’s really what we offer – a comprehensive understanding of buyer psychology and the ability to frame language in a manner that speaks to that way of thinking. (And to do it with flawless grammar and punctuation!)

Additionally, the internet has thrown search engine optimisation, or writing for search engines, into the mix. Not only does a good copywriter understand humans in depth, they also comprehend search engine behaviour (specifically Google’s). They ensure what they write has the highest chance of being rewarded with positive search rankings, thereby maximising their clients’ website traffic.

And not only that, good copywriters also understand key research findings that affect writing for the web, primarily addressing the way users read on the internet. There’s a whole area of evidence-based practice that makes writing for the web its very own discipline.

Really good copywriters (we are talking the cream of the crop) can go one better and talk to you about 1) brand identity, 2) content strategy, and 3) information architecture. That is, they can help you:

  • encapsulate the very essence of your business (especially useful for startups) and work it into a meaningful brand story;
  • develop and implement a plan for delivering a range of relevant, strategic, searchable content types to your users; and
  • structure that content in such a way that makes your digital presence (e.g. website, app, or otherwise) as usable as possible by real humans.

I’m talking overlap with some pretty serious marketing, design and usability skills here. My, all that for a copywriter?

So, yeah, copywriting isn’t easy, and it can affect your business a very great deal. That’s why you need a pro.

Ready to hire a pro copywriter?

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