Email Copywriting

Bulk email campaigns typically target thousands of potential customers. When reviewing the results of such campaigns, probably the most essential metric is conversion, that is converting readers into "clickers", and clickers into buyers.

Be frank: do you trust yourself to create this kind of engagement and conversion in your email campaigns on your own?

If not, this is where I can help. My web copy skills will get the attention of your audience with a snappy, engaging and targeted subject line, and move them through compelling copy to your campaign's call to action where your readers will be powerfully persuaded to move forward.

I love email copywriting!

Email copywriting is great, because it's really all about the sale. Nowhere are metrics and strategic analysis more transparently useful than in email copy, because you get so much useful data out of it and can see exactly what is working. I love getting real results for my clients, and being able to quantify those results precisely.

Need some email copy?

I'm your guy. Contact me, and get on your way to some serious results!