Web Copywriting

No matter your organisation, your website must make your users sit up and take action.

If you run a business, this means you need your website to be a visitor-converting sales machine.

And, when it comes to inspiring action and converting visitors, there is nothing more essential than effective web copy.

That’s what I provide – copy that persuades people to do what you want them to do, naturally and without manipulation. I apply proven sales and marketing techniques to bring about your success, employing psychological strategies that address the universal decision-making process in each of us, and which harness that decision process to bring about the most effective outcome.

However, there’s more.

Web Copy is Special

Repeated studies have shown overwhelming evidence that when users read on the web, they don’t read. Rather, they scan, quickly identifying key phrases and critical information instead of reading every word.

Therefore, web copy needs to follow some pretty strict principles in order to be effective. It needs to be very concise, carefully structured, written in plain language, and formatted with key words and phrases highlighted (see what I did there?) – and this is just scratching the surface.

After careful study and reviewing much of the evidence-based research, I know how to write web copy that works.

SEO Copywriting

And then, just to add another layer of complexity, web copy should almost always be written with the behaviour of search engines in mind.

If you want people to find your pages on the web, the words on those pages need to be optimised so that Google rewards them with high ranking search results for your chosen keywords. That is, you need your pages to appear first on Google instead of those of your competition. This is the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The trick here is to please both human readers and search engines (mainly Google) – a subtle art that requires a careful balance.

As well as employing all the principles of writing for the web, my search-optimised web copy carefully folds the keywords of your choice into your copy, making it tasty for search engines and human readers alike.

All the web copy I write is crafted with SEO in mind. There’s no extra charge for this, it’s just part of my service.

Ready for some web copy?

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